Dancing Deathstroke is my favorite part of the Arrow Season 2 DVD set.

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Flashback: Teaser for the Big Adventures of Little Shawn and Gus (2008)

Coming Soon. (I finally found them!) [X]

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omfg. Win.


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day 83 | meet Poppy! ❤️ #100happydays

oh my god! so frickin adorable!


day 83 | meet Poppy! ❤️ #100happydays

oh my god! so frickin adorable!

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just because a television show doesn’t actively address a specific issue doesn’t mean they’re actively avoiding it either. you know what happens when you try to stuff every possible social debate under the sun into one show?

you get glee.

that’s what happens.

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trip and memes are closely intertwined in my head

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so ok mary lambert


  • is overweight. not “a little heavy” or “curvy in all the right places”, she is overweight and she owns it.
  • is gay, and from her first public exposure has been open about this
  • has bipolar disorder
  • is one of the coolest lyricists right now
  • has this song which is way more feel good than “all about the bass” or “shake it off” 
  • is super cute
  • image
  • mary lambert

my mom kept hearing her song on XM radio so she showed it to me and i immediately went “this has tumblr written all over it! why haven’t i seen it yet?!” 3 days later? found it!

and then despite only hearing the song twice ever, it was stuck in my head all day.

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New Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Sneak Peek, “Copy That”

Free on iTunes

Coulson/Skye tension makes me nervous :(

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Brett Dalton + Iain de Caestecker

"From the very beginning in the pilot, we just hit it off. He’s literally my best friend. […] From the very moment [De Caestecker and I] met each other in pilot, it was like, OK, this is good."     -Brett Dalton

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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D + Cards Against Humanity

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paragonred said: You have mentioned Ryan Murphy treatment of Nip/Tuck once he got bored with it sometimes, could you elaborate on what happened? I only know of the rampant misogyny of the show.



Hi! I sure can. The first two seasons of Nip/Tuck were brilliant- well-written, quirky, dark and something that just hadn’t been done before. It was a ratings success and the critics loved it. The third season was good, but definitely not great. He had gotten lots of acclaim and started looking at other things. Some people say he just fails at multitasking, but really, the guy is like a toddler with shows- he adores a new toy for a little while until something shiny catches his attention and he wanders off and leaves the toy forgotten, you know? So, the first thing that came along was a movie called “Running With Scissors”, which he directed. That was right around the third season when Nip/Tuck stopped being amazing. After that, it was painfully obvious that Murphy and the writers no longer cared about the show and it started going to hell, because Ryan was already off looking at bigger and better things- namely the early stages of Glee.

Seasons four and five were awful- just a complete trainwreck and nothing like the brilliant show it had started off as. It was obvious that nobody cared anymore- no the writers, the actors, or Murphy. There was lots of talk about the set being a toxic workplace and massive tension between the actors and Murphy, because many of them hated where the show and their characters were going and they wanted out. Everyone was blaming everyone else for the failure of the show, and of course, Ryan blamed everyone but himself, although the show was ultimately his responsibility. I’ve heard that he did the same thing, though to a less extreme degree, to “Popular”, but I never watched that.

So Ryan made the decision to go basically scorched-earth with the last seasons- horrible, inconsistent writing, ridiculous, idiotic, jump-the-shark plots, plot holes the size of the grand canyon, and it almost seemed like they were intentionally trying to make the last of the audience disgusted enough to leave. The series ended leaving a bunch of storylines unresolved or else so ruched to wrap-up they were ridiculous and unbelievable. He pulled a final “fuck you” by breaking up two fan-favorite couples and then proceeded to take the show that came in with a bang to its end with a whimper. The finale was just plain boring but by then, nobody really cared anymore.

They also introduced a bunch of new characters who were completely random/pointless, or who disappeared with no further explanation. And the same with random/pointless guest stars who really made no sense. The show had over 40 award nominations in the first two seasons, including an Emmy nom, and a Golden Globe win. and was shut out of awards in all of the following seasons.

Hope that helps. :)

This sounds so familiar… where have I seen these tactics before…

true story: when glee started i knew about what ryan did with nip/tuck and literally told myself that glee wasn’t going to be good for very long and to not get too attached. it turns out it got bad faster than i expected, and i got more attached than i wanted.

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This is basically Ninja 101.

allison janney frickin KILLED it! omg

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