Also: it gets on my nerves when supposedly-intelligent people on TV use the words sociopath and psychopath as if they actually meant something. Then they introduced a villain who was described as ‘mentally ill’, and this, instead of this absolving him of some responsibility for his actions, meant that he was an irredeemable monster to be executed. Not a good message.

I’m used to it when shit like this happens on Sherlock, because I don’t expect anything better. But the Marvel universe that gave us Tony Stark with panic attacks, Steve Rogers with heavily implied PTSD, Peggy Carter with Alzheimer’s and Loki in destructive self-harming grief, that Marvel universe should know better.

When Coulson first approached Daniels he said he didn’t want to hurt him but they needed to take him in “for your safety and the safety of others.” Then Daniels attacked them and that went out the window. 

So then they weren’t so keen on taking him in safely, and you can make your argument for that and I would agree. But do give them credit for the initial encounter where they did want to help him.

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If you start from the bottom up it’s a story of two friends. Then murder, then revenge.


I like it backwards




If you start from the bottom up it’s a story of two friends. Then murder, then revenge.


I like it backwards

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Hail to the Chief! Thanks to this amazing Psych-O for the fan art.

Keep your art coming using #Psych.

yay for Melanie! aka @Ms_Melee!!

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"Is okay to fly with gun?"


(This Swedish family that has been talking down their nose at me all week just yelled at me because their car is 7 minutes late to pick them up. Lots of “In Sweden when we do something, we do it properly.” and “This is not acceptable to us.” Right after the driver arrived, their adult daughter came up to me.)

DAUGHTER: My boyfriend has bought a tiny gun. Is problem for plane?
CONCIERGE: I’m sorry, what?!
DAUGHTER: He bought a small gun. Is not real, but…

(He holds it up. It’s smaller than a pistol, but it’s painted to look pretty convincingly real.)

CONCIERGE: No. You absolutely cannot bring that on board a plane.
DAUGHTER: But it is fake. A toy.
CONCIERGE: TSA regulations state that toy guns are not allowed past security, and painting a fake gun to look real is illegal in New York City.
SON: (decked out in head-to-toe Ed Hardy, leaning sexily on an ottoman) Yo, is no problem. Chilllll.
DAUGHTER: It is only a toy.
CONCIERGE: You absolutely cannot bring that with you. You could get pulled out of the security line and miss your flight.
SON: Noooo, mannn, we just hide it.
CONCIERGE: Purposefully hiding it is a worse idea. You could get arrested.

(Boyfriend is playing with the gun, going “pow pow” at his girlfriend’s back. The driver is now loading their luggage into the car.)

SON: Just put it in her purse. Is fine.
DAUGHTER: (to me) Is fine?
CONCIERGE: Is not fine.
DAUGHTER: But he bought it at a flea market.
CONCIERGE: Ma’am, I do not recommend trying to fly out of a New York City area airport with a realistic-looking toy gun hidden in your purse.
DAUGHTER: Okay. So we just leave it here with you?
DAUGHTER: We can leave here on table?
DAUGHTER: We throw in garbage?
CONCIERGE: Honestly, I’m not sure what is the best thing to do in this situation. 
SON: Look, we tell you is fine. My friend buys Airsoft AK-47’s in the US all the time. They look fucking real as shit. All that shit is okay.
DAUGHTER: So, is okay, yes?
CONCIERGE: No. I am not accepting any liability for what happens at security.
DAUGHTER: We just hide it. We go now, thank you!

(As they get into the van, Boyfriend decides the best course of action is to STICK THE TOY GUN IN HIS WAISTBAND LIKE HE HAS PROBABLY SEEN IN A MUSIC VIDEO.)

CONCIERGE: Man oh man.

(The band ABBA appears out of nowhere)

ABBA: You mean “Mamma Mia!”

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Anonymous asked: What is everyone's favorite ice cream flavor?




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Anonymous asked: Why won't you guys let Fitz get a monkey?



Simmons: Because Fitz is our little monkey.

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you have to drag it a bit past the line until its off the post and  the cursor gets sucked into the fucking shadow realm


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I just saw Captain America : The Winter Soldier and I just realized….



Peggy Carter helped found SHIELD after Steve “died”. 

It was founded at the camp that Steve trained at.

On marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Agent Ward says “Someone really wanted our initials to spell SHIELD”


Peggy created and named the entire spy organization after STEVE’S SHIELD. 



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Survey of the Week:


You can only watch 1 season of Psych for the rest of your life. Which season do you pick?

i made this question but its still hard for me. its probably 2 or 3. but 4 had STaSitD and i adore that, and S1 has Spellingg Bee….
*looks at the DVDs*

i’m gonna go with Season 3, final answer.

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Drive Recklessly - Video

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some harmless skyeward fun before our hearts are torn out on tuesday the formatting sucked on this one because I had waaay too many frames

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