So this happened today. After 2 years of following each other on twitter, I finally got to meet Piper Perabo as well as the rest of the original Covert Affairs cast! (well, Chris for the 3rd time, but Peter and Kari were for the 1st time)

I’m writing down the full story so I don’t forget it. You can read it if you want. if not, sorry but not sorry this is long as heck. can’t do a read-more with photos:

Earlier this week I asked Chris if they were going to upfronts. He said they were. So then I told both him and Piper that I was going to try and go and that I hoped to see them. that led to these posts: 1 2 3 4

Then shortly after I got there, Chris arrived. He started walking over to the fan area (which was half paparazzi/autograph-selling jerks, and half real fans). As he walked over he saw me and smiled. He asked how I was and took the picture above. He took his time with me and my best friend and I told him that despite meeting him 2 times before I never got his autograph, so he autographed a photo for me. Then he asked if Piper had come yet. I said no so he said that he would text her and let her know I was there! (the thought of them texting about me to one another is mind-blowing) Then we let him meet other people and went to Peter to get pictures with him before they were both corralled back to the red carpet area.

A little while later I saw Kari get out of the car. No one recognized her but me so I called over to her. But then the autograph hounds had time to figure out who she was (cuz they had no idea) and then hound her. They had so many pictures in her face to sign and cameras that the poor woman was swamped. I asked for a picture and she said sure but this was the best I could do b/c the autograph hounds wouldn’t let up. I felt bad for her. Those guys were so annoying.

Then we waited a while and I got a tweet from Piper saying she got Chris’s message and was on her way. I told her I was wearing a bright pink shirt. She replied by saying she was wearing a blue dress and sent a selfie along with it (OMG). When she arrived a bit later (felt like forever but was probably like, 15 minutes), her handler (NBCU person that tells her where to go) wanted her to go straight inside. She looked at the person and said “I can’t. I have to meet 1 person” (or something to that effect from my lip reading skills and her holding up a finger). Then she started walking towards the crowd clearly searching for someone (me) and when she saw me she smiled, waved, and walked over with her arms open saying “its so great to finally meet you!!” and then she hugged me! (which someone got on her camera and graciously sent to me!!) The cops asked us to move over b/c a car was trying to get in so she walked to the other side and had us follow her. it was basically like a VIP thing. the autograph hounds wanted her attention and she just ignored them until she was done with talking to me and my friend. We took pictures and I had her sign a photo as well, where she wrote my name (spelled it correctly w/o asking!) and the note all without me asking! She said again how happy she was to finally meet me and we thanked her for being awesome and i dont even remember what i said. but then we let her get to the other people. As she was walking back she waved bye to my friend and i!

and THAT is the story of how I finally met Piper after over 2 years of trying, and how she proved that she’s the nicest and most genuine actress I’ve met. Like, seriously.


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    I love our fans and I love our actors and I really love the way they interact, both on social media and in person. ♥
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    Yesterday was a really good day for me. Read this (super long) story and see just how amazing the Covert Affairs cast is...
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    I also love the “I’ll be the girl in the blue dress” tweet, that is so adorable. Not, “I’ll be Piper Perabo, you will...
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    The hugging picture! The hugging picture! Oh my God that woman! I’m so happy for you.
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    i wish i was as famous as Jvento
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